The Story…


The story of a 1973 Appalachian Trail Maine-to-Georgia hike—and the path forward one young man found when his nation seemed determined to tear itself apart. The funniest, most sincere, most romantic, most ridiculous account of America’s most iconic adventure.

The Argument

Just getting out of school? Facing a screeching mid-life crisis? Laid off? Lost a bit, body, soul, or both?

Well, don’t snatch up the unnecessary loads everyone seems eager to put on your back, not yet anyhow. And for God’s sake, don’t take some sordid job over at Google, even if they’re calling twice a day and begging. Go do something hard. Better yet, go wrestle down something impossible. Even if your parents, fiancé, professors, or some other social network of demanding milkypants can’t or won’t understand. Harness into the heavy stuff later.

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